Press-Republican: Cuomo ignites pension fund debate with divestment push

But the governor’s move has spawned concerns that a green energy litmus test over investment decisions could end up limiting the fund’s growth should Cuomo’s prognostications regarding energy sector stocks prove to be flawed. “The comptroller needs to stick to his guns and understand that his fiduciary responsibility is to the beneficiaries” of the fund, […]

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The Hill: Pensions should avoid politics and invest for the benefit of our workers

Why do public fiduciaries think they should impose their political agenda on other people’s retirement benefits? Is not the standard of care to manage public retirement funds with the highest return at the lowest reasonable risk? With more than 50 percent of all state pension funds significantly underfunded and at least five states, including my […]

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The Hartford Courant: Those Pesky Trust Funds

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal had egg on his face when his annual disclosure statements to the State Ethics Commission showed that two minor children of Mr. Blumenthal had thousands of dollars worth of tobacco stocks in their names in family trust accounts for several years. The accounts are managed by the attorney general’s father, Martin […]

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