What is the Institute for Pension Fund Integrity?

Over the past five to ten years America has seen a dangerous shift into the politicization of retirement and pension funds. With trillions of dollars and hosting the retirement accounts of millions of public employees, Pension funds are some of the most powerful investment tools in the United States. They manage the retirement accounts of millions of public employees with trillions of dollars at stake. These funds have been weaponized by various politicians and interest groups, with investment actions being dictated by a political agenda instead of fiduciary responsibility. We at the Institute for Pension Fund Integrity (IPFI) want to see this trend reversed- protect the retirement funds of Americans and keep politics out of pension fund accounts.

Sparked by the recent revelations from the New York City and Chicago government officials, IPFI will provide a critical role to help ensure that pension funds are on a path of growth. With investments in these funds needing to produce reliable dividends for decades on end, irresponsible investments can prove incredibly dangerous for retirees and city governments alike.

The states of Kentucky, Connecticut, Illinois, California and numerous others are facing a pension crisis right now. There are billions of dollars of unfunded liabilities across these accounts with deficits growing by the year. Now is the time for the people of these great states to make their voices heard and let their city officials know that their funds will no longer be a source of political clout and meandering. IPFI is fighting for a well-funded retirement system that will provide reliable returns over decades, providing regular dividends for the millions of pensioners calling America home. We do not want to see our state governments- or our state employees- go bankrupt trying to fund retirements due to the whims of a few irresponsible politicians and special interest groups.